Filters, Oils & Additives

At ISP Glendale we stock a wide variety of filters and oils from leading brands. Contact us to and we will find the right product for your needs. Oil filters allow engine oil to continually pass through the filter and remove dirt. A vehicle’s entire oil supply is filtered between four and five times every minute and their function is to allow only clean filtered oil through to the engine.

Benefits of a properly selected and fitted oil filter:

  • Prevents damage to the engine’s bottom end, including bearings and crankshaft
  • Longer life: engine protected for the entire service interval.
  • Improved flow: reduced risk of oil starvation enhancing engine protection.

Fuel Filters

  • Ryco – The role of fuel filters is to collect contaminants and moisture in the fuel system to allow clean filtered fuel through to the engine. Injectors can require particles as small as 5 micron to be retained and deliver consistent performance for the entire service interval. The life of a fuel filter is dependent on the amount of contaminant present in the vehicle’s fuel.
  • Sakura – To satisfy the customer’s needs, Sakura Filters Australia is committed to provide quality products with its warranty, to provide a wide range of product and to give the best quality service.
    Sakura Filters Australia has attained the Australian Standards AS/NZ ISO9001.
  • Cooper –  In an electronic fuel injection system, the petrol filter must bear a pressure of six bars and have a filtration threshold of 3 to 5 micrometres. To ensure a high level of filter performance and quality, COOPERSFIAAM uses fully-automatic high performance assembly facility. Each part is individually tested so that it meets the safety requirements for the product.

Oil Filters

  • Ryco – Ryco oil filters are designed to meet or exceed the vehicle manufacturer’s specification and provide optimal filtration for the specified service interval. Ryco achieve this by measuring the three critical areas of efficiency, life and flow.
  • Cooper – As an automotive filtration leader, COOPERSFIAAM plays an active part in the ISO standardization committees and has greatly contributed to establishing new modern test methods that are accurate and reliable.
  • Sakura – Sakura Filters Australia warrants all Sakura products to be free of manufacturer’s defects in materials, workmanship or design. Sakura Filters meet Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) requirements. Sakura Filters should be installed to manufacturer’s specifications, used and changed in accordance with vehicles engine or equipment’s manufacturer’s recommendations.

Air Filters

  • Ryco
  • Wesfil



  • Disel power fuel additive

Gold Eagle

  • Sta-Bil: Fuel stabiliser
  • Ethanol treatment


  • Engine treatment
  • Worn engine treatment
  • Stop leak
  • Litter free & tune up
  • Engine oil
  • Flush
  • Auto Trans treatment
  • Total fuel system cleaner
  • Petrol injector cleaner
  • Diesel injector cleaner


  • Engine flush
  • Engine stop leak
  • Auto trans
  • sop leak
  • Petrol injector cleaner
  • Octain booxter
  • Diesel injector cleaner.


 Lucas, Nulon, Penrite, Valvoline

  • Multipurpose
  • High Temperature
  • Heavy Duty
  • Marine

Engine Oils

Nulon, Penrite, Valvoline

  • To suit Petrol & Disel Engines

Gear Oils

Nulon, Penrite, Valvoline

  • Limited slip Diff
  • Gearbox & Diff
  • Manual Gearbox & Transaxle
  • marine 2 stroke outboard
  • Outboard Gear Oil
  • 2 stroke synthetic
  • hydraulic fluid
  • brake fluid
  • power steering fluid.

Oil & Fuel Caps

Tridon – 

  • Oil & Fuel Caps
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