Breakaway kits / Monitors

Safety in case of breakaway situations.

BREAKSAFE - Electric Breakaway kit

BREAKSAFE Electric Breakaway kit

The Breaksafe will apply the electric brakes and the brake lights of the trailer, and will keep them applied for around 20 minutes, enabling you to secure your trailer when it has come to a stop.

The Breaksafe has its own power supply, which charges via an auxiliary line while driving, or it can be charged externally with a battery charger. It also has a battery condition indicator, allowing you to tell the condition of the battery, with the push of a button, easy access to the battery compartment for servicing and fully inclosed internal circuit board case for better water resistance.

BREAKSAFE - Remote Battery Monitor

BREAKSAFE Remote Battery Monitor

The BREAKSAFE RM6000 remote Battery Monitor is fitted in the tow vehicle and operates each time the brake pedal is pressed. The additional circuitry in the BREAKSAFE 5000 and 6000 disconnect the Breaksafe battery from the charge circuit and then connects it to a small electronic load. Should the Breaksafe battery be fully charged, a green light will illuminate on the front panel of the RM6000 Remote Monitor. If the battery is below the safe level, a red light will flash and a buzzer will sound for about 10 seconds.

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