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Building standards for trailers

Building small trailers information for manufacturers and summarised construction requirements for trailers less than 4.5 tonnes aggregate trailer mass. There is detailed information on the gov website here. And you may find this download on building small trailers helpful (PDF) and this one on light trailer requirements.


The current standard applying to shackles is AS 2741-2002, however this standard does not specifically cover the use of rated shackles in an application such as attaching a trailer to a tow bar. This standard covers the use of shackles for lifting purposes.

The caravan industry recommendation is that a shackle meeting the requirements of AS 2741-2002 be used to secure rated safety chains up to 3500kg capacity.

Suitable shackles have the following specifications:

  • Meet the requirements of AS 2741-2002
  • Shackle grade is “S” or “6”
  • Working load limit (WLL) is 1000kg
  • Shackle diameter is 10mm
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