Boat Roller & Brackets

Replacing a boat roller can be taxing. It may mean replacing all other trailer parts such as the Brackets, Shafts, Nuts, and Bolts. If you have to go looking for them in various shops, you will not only end up exhausted. You’ll also find out how your time was greatly consumed by all the driving and shopping. Why go through all this hassle when you can contact us at ISP Glendale. We can get your boat rollers and brackets replaced in no time.

What we have in store for you

ISP Glendale is the top supplier of Trailer Part and Trailer Accessories in Newcastle. We are likewise known for offering top-of-the-line towbars. We have over 40 years of experience in Trailer repairs too. Our decade-strong existence in the industry has made us the go-to place of residents in Newcastle and elsewhere in Australia for their trailer needs.   We are known for providing a wide selection of trailer parts including Boat Rollers and Brackets. We have Polly Rollers, Spindles, Roller Spindles, Roller Brackets, Spiggots & Spiggots Brackets, Wobble brackets, Spare wheel carrier, and Coupling plate. You tell us the specifications and we will have them available for you at reasonable prices.

Why you need an expert

Not all customers can give accurate description of the particular trailer part they need. At ISP Glendale, we recognise this reality. That’s why to better serve you, we have highly trained, reliable and courteous staff. They are ready to assist you in finding the right size and form of boat rollers and brackets that will suit your needs. Moreover, our wide selection of products empowers you to build, modify or repair your trailers to go well with your boats.

For your trailer needs, don’t hesitate to give us a call or pay us a visit. You are welcome anytime!

Products Including:

  • Polly Rollers
  • Spindles
  • Roller Spindles
  • Roller Brackets
  • Spiggots & Spiggots Brackets
  • Wobble brackets
  • Spare wheel carrier
  • Coupling plate

Roller Brackets Flat

Part No.DescriptionFinish
920013" Flat Bracket 17mmGalvanised
920024" Flat Bracket 17mmGalvanised
920046" Flat Bracket 17mmGalvanised
920058" Flat Bracket 17mmGalvanised
920068" Flat Bracket 20mmGalvanised
1445A12" Roller BracketGalvanised

Wobble Bracket

Part No.DescriptionFinish
1451Single Bracket 18mm PostGalvanised
1451LSingle Long Bracket 18mm PostGalvanised
1452Double BracketGalvanised
1453Quad Bracket MultiGalvanised
1453LQuad Bracket Multi LongGalvanised

Roller Brackets Flat Stem/Twin Stem

Part No.DescriptionFinish
920494" Flat Stem Bracket 17mm - 6"x18mm sq.Galvanised
920566" Twin Stem Flat Bracket 17mm x 6" stemGalvanised
920538" Twin Stem Flat Bracket 17mm x 6" stemGalvanised

Trailer Strip / Block

Part No.DescriptionColour
91701Trailer Strip 1.50mBlue
91712Trailer Block 1.5mBlue
91721Trailer Moulded skid 30cmBlue
1436Teflon Strip 50mmx12mmx1.5mBlue
1436BTeflon Strip 57mmx18mmx1.5mBlue

Wobble Rollers

Part No.DescriptionBore Size
91101Ribbed Grey Wobble26mm
91103Ribbed Blue Wobble26mm
91105Ribbed Red Wobble26mm
91114Smooth Black Wobble26mm
91115Smooth Blue Wobble26mm
91116Smooth Red Wobble26mm

Rubber Rollers

Part No.DescriptionBore SizeColour
912103" Rubber Bow Roller17mmBlack
912136" Rubber Keel Roller17mmBlack
9122312" Rubber Bilge Roller25mmBlack
912306" Sydney Rubber Roller17mmBlack
912318" Rubber Concave Roller20mmBlack
CRBK200X208" Cotton Reel Rubber Roller20mmBlack
CRBK118X164½" Cotton Reel Rubber Roller16mmBlack
913103" Nylon Hard Bow Roller17mmBlue
913114" Nylon Hard Keel Roller Roller17mmBlue
913136" Nylon Hard Keel Roller17mmBlue
913148" Hard Nylon Keel Roller17mmBlue
913206" Nylon Hard Sydney Roller17mmBlue
913218" Nylon Hard Sydney Roller17mmBlue
913306" Nylon Hard Self Centering Roller17mmBlue
913318" Nylon Hard Self Centering Roller17mmBlue
913328" Nylon Hard Self Centering Roller21mmBlue
915113" Poly Soft Bow Roller17mmRed
915124" Poly Soft Keel Roller17mmRed
915146" Poly Soft Keel Roller17mmRed
915158" Poly Soft Keel Roller17mmRed
915178" Poly Soft Sydney Roller17mmRed
915206" Poly Soft Sydney Roller17mmRed
915406" Poly Soft Self Centering Roller17mmRed
915418" Poly Soft Self Centering Roller17mmRed

V- Blocks Rubber

Part No.DescriptionBore SizeBase
914004" Rubber V Block15mm100mm


Part No.DescriptionFinish
1437To suit 3" RollerGalvanised
1469To suit 4" RollerGalvanised
1438To suit 6" RollerGalvanised
1439To suit 8" RollerGalvanised
1439ATo suit 8" RollerGalvanised
1450To suit 12" RollerGalvanised

Nylon Bungs

Part No.Description
935703/4" Coarse Bung Complete
935723/4" Coarse Bung only
935903/4" Fine Bung Complete

Motor Flushers

Part No.Description
93654Motor Flusher: Square

Brake Handles and Parts

Part No.DescriptionFinish
924712" Wide Brake Handle incl. Bolts & nutsGalvanised
924723" Wide Brake Handle incl. Bolts & nutsGalvanised
924734" Wide Brake Handle incl. Bolts & nutsGalvanised
924744mm Wire Cable 8 mtrs incl wire grip (BCC4B)Galvanised

Wood Yoke

Part No.DescriptionFinish
14018" Wood Yoke Straight 200mmGalvanised
1401A8" Wood Yoke Straight 280mmGalvanised

Post and Spiggot Clamps/Sockets

Part No.DescriptionFinish
1467¾” Weld On SocketBlack
1454¾” Bolt On SocketGalvanised
1460Post Clamp to suit 65mm x 25mmGalvanised
1456Post Clamp to suit 50mm x 50mmGalvanised
1455Post Clamp to suit 50mm x 25mmGalvanised

Spare Wheel Carriers






92711, 92715

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