Jockey Wheels

AL-KO Jockey Wheels

ISP Glendale stock a wide range of AL-KO Jockey wheels.
For over 15 years, the AL-KO range of Jockey Wheels have been fitted as standard equipment on Australia’s leading brands of caravan’s and trailers.
Featuring a wide range of jockey wheels, from the 150mm diameter solid wheel models to the 200mm diameter heavy duty models, up to the large 250mm diameter solid tyre jockey wheel, there is an AL-KO Jockey Wheel to suit every application.
The AL-KO Jockey Wheel also features their award winning Double Locking Pin Swivel Bracket, ending the need to remove the jockey wheel from your caravan or trailer. Just release the handle, and the AL-KO jockey wheel fits neatly into a secure traveling position.
Next time you need a jockey wheel, look no further than the AL-KO award winning range of Jockey Wheel’s, for every occasion and look no further than ISP Glendale where our knowledgeable staff can help you find the right AL-KO product for your needs.

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AL-KO 150mm Rubber Tyre Jockey Wheel

Application : Box Trailers, Small Boat Trailers, Caravans, Tradesman Trailers
Part No.Code No.DescriptionWheel Diameter (mm)Net Weight (kg)Lift (mm)
626056JW6SL C/W Clamp150mm5.5kg265mm
626190JW6LDSLC/W locking pin swivel bracket (small)150mm6.9kg265mm

AL-KO 200mm Jockey Wheel- Compete with rubber tyre & steel wheel for all models

Application : For customers who prefer a superior rolling performance from their jockey wheel and are likely to be pulling their
trailer across soft ground surfaces. Typically used on medium to large boats, caravans and tradesman’s trailers
Part No.Code No.DescriptionWheel Diameter (mm)Net Weight (kg)Lift (mm)
628100 JW200C/W Clamp200mm7.0kg265mm
628200 JW200SLC/W locking pin swivel bracket (large)200mm8.4kg265mm

AL-KO 250mm Solid Tyre Jockey Wheel

Application : For ease of manoeuvring heavy caravans and trailers, particularly over soft ground. For added convenience,
the Power Mover model comes with a ratchet mechanism
Part No.Code No.DescriptionWheel Diameter (mm)Net Weight (kg)Lift (mm)
621250 PW250R Power Mover c/w solid tyre & Ratchet250mm11.9kg265mm
623650JW250 Solid Tyre c/w clamp250mm7.5kg265mm
623660JW250SLSolid Tyre c/w locking pin swivel bracket (large)250mm8.8kg265mm
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