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Our Selection of Durable Wheels & Tyres

8 Inch Wheels


Highly functional and puncture proof 8 inch wheels. Built for the ultimate performance and speed experience.


Incredible 8inch wheels, designed for the outdoor. With off roading and high speed capability these reputable tyres are perfect for the motor enthusiast!

9 Inch Wheels


Engineered from incredibly durable rubber, this 9inch tyre is perfect for your vehicle. Both shock and puncture proof.

10 Inch Wheels


10inch high quality wheel, built to last. Try out a wheel that is the perfect blend of reliability and functionally.


Built for the extremes, this 10inch tyre is perfect for any type of roading condition your might face out there.

13 Inch Wheels


Built for pure performance. This reputable 13 inch wheel can go anywhere you go. With high traction control and heavy duty material, enjoy a worry-free experience.


Don’t settle for less. This 13 inch wheel is your perfect solution to your off roading experience. Try a wheel purely built for speed and performance.


A wheel for the extremes. This 13 inch tyre is built to perfection. Enjoy a hassle free experience with a tyre that is built to last.

14 Inch Wheels


Enjoy an wheel innovated and engineered to last. This 14 inch wheel is tough as bricks and designed to help you get to your destination.


Looking for a stress-free tyre? This 14 inch beauty is designed for everything from off roading to cruising. It’s incredibly durable design is second to none.

Our Selection of High Quality Rims

187171 (13″ x 4.5) HT Black (Rim Only)

Jet black high quality rims for the motor enthusiasts! These rims are built to perfection and engineered to last.

187172 (13″ x 4.5) HT White (Rim Only)

White premier wheel rims perfect for off roading. These rims can handle anything throw their way, designed for longevity.

187131 (14″ x 6) HT White (Rim Only)

White high quality rims perfect for the outdoors. These rims are designed for the ultimate performance experience. Protect your wheels by investing in high quality wheel rims.

187134 (14″ x 6) HQ Black (Rim Only)

Extremely high quality 14″ x 6 Black wheel rim. Perfect for the everyman, can handle extreme conditions.

187136 (14″ x 6) HQ White (Rim Only)

One of a kind White coloured durable wheel rim. Not only fashionable, these rims are made from high quality material that are perfect for any road environment.

187158 (13″ x 4.5) Gal Multi (Rim Only)

Galvanised wheel rim engineered to be tough! The perfect rim for your motor vehicle, built for high performance

187132 (14″ x 6) HQ Black (Rim Only)

Incredible black rims for your wheels, produced from high quality materials. Built to last through through any road condition.

187166 (14″ x 6) Ford White (Rim Only)

Ford white wheel rims are your one solution for your motor vehicle. Engineered to outlast the rest, these wheels are perfect for performance and visual aesthetics.

187192 (14″) Ford Gal (Rim Only)

Galvanised Ford Wheel Rims are advantageous to your motor vehicle. Perfect for the outdoors man, these wheels have the ultimate durability!

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